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World class audio transcription for Livescribe Smartpen

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Geluid omzetten naar getyptVanaf vandaag 14 augustus 2013 is het mogelijk om je opgenomen geluid met de Livescribe Smartpen om te zetten naar getypt. Om dit mogelijk te maken werkt Livescribe samen met het bedrijf TranscribeMe.

Hieronder het officiële persbericht van Livescribe

Livescribe Partners with TranscribeMe to Bring World-Class Audio Transcription to Smartpen Notetakers Everywhere

OAKLAND, CALIF. – August 14, 2013 – Livescribe Inc. today announced a collaboration with transcription company TranscribeMe to provide Livescribe smartpen customers a simple, integrated solution for transcribing their recorded audio notes. By simply tagging a pencast through Evernote or by uploading it to the TranscribeMe website, smartpen notetakers can automatically send their audio recordings to TranscribeMe and receive a transcription within one to two days for a small fee. Transcribed notes are integrated into customers’ existing Evernote accounts or delivered to their email inboxes. This functionality is now available to all Livescribe smartpen customers, who will exclusively receive five free minutes of transcription services from TranscribeMe.

How Livescribe Customers Will Benefit from TranscribeMe

After signing up for TranscribeMe, owners of the Wifi smartpen will find a new folder in their personal Evernote account. By simply dragging pencasts or audio recordings into this folder, the content will be sent directly to TranscribeMe for transcription. This can also be achieved by tagging pencasts with “TranscribeMe” in Evernote. Echo smartpen owners can email their recordings to Evernote, and then either drag to the TranscribeMe folder or tag them.

TranscribeMe boasts a 98 percent accuracy rate of all transcriptions and guarantees this by having both speech recognition software and actual human transcribers work on the transcriptions.

Single speaker recordings (such as dictations, podcasts, lectures, conferences, and meeting notes) can be transcribed at a rate of $1 per minute, while recordings with multiple speakers (such as business meetings, interviews, discussion panels, or talk shows) are transcribed for $2 per minute.

For more information, please visit Livescribe’s Noteworthy blog.

For more information on using TranscribeMe, Livescribe customers can visit http://www.transcribeme.com/livescribe.

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