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Anoto stopt met Live PDF

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Live PDF

Anoto stopt met de Live PDF toepassing met 1 Juli 2017.

Gebruikers van de Echo Smartpen in combinatie met Live PDF zullen na genoemde datum problemen kunnen ondervinden met de formulierverwerking.
Lees verder onderstaande Anoto berichtgeving.

End of Service Announcement

As the result of a strategic review of our core services, Anoto will discontinue the Live PDF service effective July 1st 2017 and will not be making any further updates nor supporting the service or related applications after this date.

Suggested Alternatives

As an alternative to Live PDF, you may consider using our Anoto Live Forms solution for forms-based workflows, or our Livescribe offerings for notetaking.

For questions about transitioning to these alternative offerings, please contact TransitionLivePDF@anoto.com.

What about my documents?

Your Live PDF documents are synced to your devices and under your own control. Nothing will change in regard to these documents. They will remain on your computer or devices after the service is discontinued.

What will happen after July 1st 2017?

You can expect some features of Live PDF to not work properly, documents and ink will not sync with the service, and you’ll see error messages related to syncing with the service.

If you have a Live PDF subscription, it will be cancelled and you will receive no further invoices or charges to your credit card. If you pre-paid for Live PDF services beyond July 1st 2017, you will be contacted and receive a prorated refund.

Anoto will remove any reference or metadata related to your Live PDF documents during the process of discontinuing the service.

For any other questions before July 1st 2017, please contact our support services as normal at https://support.livepdf.net.

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